Helios Aviation & Cactus Aviation

3500 Executive Terminal Dr, Ste 250
Henderson, NV 89052

Cactus Aviation and Helios Aviation merged in 2015 to bring you the best selection and best service available in the Las Vegas valley. The offices merged into the existing office of Cactus Aviation in the terminal building, upstairs in Suite 250. We now have a place where you can hang out and discuss aviation with like minded friends. This merger maintains the pilot shop that you have been looking for and the Laser Grade testing center that you need.

We are a flight school and a flying club and we consider ourselves a "Flying University". By that we mean that we take pride in taking our instruction seriously while keeping it a fun learing evironment. We provide fixed-wing (airplane) flight training based at the Henderson Executive Airport. We are ideally located to service the Las Vegas Valley with it's centralized proximity to training areas and scenic hotspots alike. Our seasoned pilots and veteran instructors will work with you to provide a training environment that works best for you.

We train in Cessna, Piper, Beech, and Diamond aircraft. Helios Aviation provides Private, Commercial, Instrument, and Instructor training in single-engine aircraft. We also provide ground instruction and instruction in privately owned aircraft. Helios is proud to provide flight training that spans the beautiful and variant topography of the southwest United States; including but not limited to Mountain Flying, Desert Terrain, and High Density Altitude. From your first flight until you are ready for your career in aviation or just ready for some fun, we will use our unique experience to ensure that you are a skilled and safe pilot.

By appointment, we also provide tail-wheel, aerobatic, and upset recovery training in the instructor's own Super Decathalon.

We provide Instrument Proficiency Checks and Flight Reviews that are meaningful and apply to your type of flying.

We have added and G1000 AATD and also have a BATD (simulators) now so you can practice insturment flying like you hope you won't have to in an actual plane. The G1000 AATD also gives you the opportunity to become familiar with the G1000 integrated flight display and its capabilities and a much cheaper cost than in an aircraft. Stop by today to check out the exciting changes.

Our flying club strives to have the best maintained equipment available. Our aircraft are safe, clean, in good working order, and have up-to-date databases.

Tickets for all major events are available now!

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