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Cactus Aviation

3500 Executive Terminal Dr, Ste 250
Henderson, NV 89052

Aviation EnthusiastsCactus Aviation, an FAA Approved Part 61 flight school in Las Vegas. We were founded by aviation enthusiasts and professionals in the aviation industry passionate about the art and science of flight. In starting Cactus Aviation, our goal was not to create just another flight school, but create an environment where our students can develop their skills and excitement in the aviation field. Whether your goal is to become a professional pilot, or just want to have fun and enjoy life from the sky, Cactus Aviation is here to help you.

Some of our guiding principles are:
Safety and quality will never be compromised - all of our aircraft are professionally maintained and our instructors have the skills and experience to help you meet your goals safely and effectively.
If you are not having fun, we must be not be doing it right! Other flight schools get caught up in the business of operating the business and lose sight of why a flight school was started. Learning and flying are fun, why not enjoy both at the same time?
We're dedicated to providing a safe and efficient flight training experience. Cactus Aviation, LLC is an official CSN (College of Southern Nevada) flight training provider and an FAA approved "PSI/CATS" testing facility.

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