Mary Droppinz


Mary Droppinz lives by a simple truth: music is an out of body experience.

As the vibrations leave the speakers and enter your soul there is no limit to the emotions that can arise within or the movements that react without. With her ever eclectic sound that travels all over the dance spectrum, melding experimental, breaks, acid, house, g house, hip hop, electro, and more, it is Mary’s goal to induce the full range of emotions and movements as she rocks the decks.

Mary’s fascination with rhythm began when growing up in her native Omaha, Nebraska as a result of her father’s seasoned skills as a drummer. She quickly started on the piano and carried that musical influence all the way to her current home of Los Angeles. When she arrived in sunny LA she immersed herself in the deepest and most disparate reaches of the city’s electronic catacombs. Working at Native Instruments by day and being enthralled by music long into the night, becoming a staple in the house and techno community.

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