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What's NEW in LAS VEGAS for 2023: Hotels, Restaurants, More!

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Resorts, Businesses and Activities in this episode...

All of Las Vegas' newest hotels, casinos, restaurants, and shows that opened in 2022 and what's coming in 2023. And what closed in 2022. I also discuss the general trends, positive and negative that I see coming to Las Vegas for this year including the massive construction and closures on the strip, and the great trend of buffets actually taking reservations now!

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00:00 What’s New in Las Vegas in 2023
00:16 New Hotels in Las Vegas in 2023
07:20 New Restaurants in Las Vegas in 2023
10:39 New Attractions in Las Vegas in 2023
11:23 New Stores in Las Vegas in 2023
11:56 New Shows, Sports, and Concerts in Las Vegas in 2023
12:57 New Trends in Las Vegas in 2023
14:58 Las Vegas in 2024 and Beyond

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