Welcome To Las Vegas Sign - 25 Amazing Facts You Did Not Know

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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign and what you need to know about it.
Hear and see 25 amazing facts about the infamous Welcome To Las Vegas Sign. Learn about the sign designer Betty Willis and her inspiration from Goodyear Tire and Walt Disney. When was the sign added to the National Register of Historic Places and how it inspired The Killers lead singer Brandon Flowers is also covered in this video.
The sign appeared in many movies including Rain Man, Casino, Oceans 11, Vegas Vacation and many others but the debut was in a 1966 movie titled the Velvet Trap.
The welcome sign also was dark for about 3 years until the owner of the Klondike Casino ran a power line from his property to the sign, needless to say this caused a bit of commotion from Cook County.
The sign was vandalized in 2009 and Las Vegas Mayor, Oscar Goodman, demanded the vandals be decapitated. It was vandalized again in 2009 by Joe Pepitone whilst wearing a barrel and Santa hat he threw paint on the sign.

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00:00 The Sign is 25 Feet Tall
00:27 Downtown Sign
00:43 Ted Rogich Sold Sign in 1959
01:00 Betty Willis Designer
01:09 Googie Architecture
01:24 Sign Inspiration from Goodyear
01:54 Disney Inspiration
02:09 Long foot on original F
02:34 Movie Debut in 1966
03:02 Sign was dark for 3 years
03:38 Back of the sign
03:50 Parking Lot Built in 2008
04:11 Solar tree installation
04:34 Sign Vandalism
05:03 Second Vandalism
05:24 Brandon Flowers First Solo Album
05:47 Golden Knights, Raiders, UNLV Rebels and The Las Vegas Lights Pay Tribute
06:42 Sign has changed color
07:10 You Can Purchase Lightbulbs From The Sign
07:32 Sign Is An Historic Location
07:58 Yesco Logo Has Gotten Bigger
8:39 Copy Signs Around Las Vegas
9:27 No Copywrite
9:47 In God We Trust Is Written On The Sign 7 Times
10:21 Commemorative License Plates