YU-OR-MI Sushi Bar

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100 E California Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Arts District, YU-OR-MI Sushi Bar, is a small and intimate Japanese restaurant serving fresh sushi, craft cocktails, specialty sakes and fine Japanese whisky. With an emphasis on serving high quality sushi and fresh ingredients, the menu also accommodates vegan and vegetarian preferences. The small plates are designed to give guests an opportunity to enjoy an assortment of dishes and are easily shareable. The main focal point of the room is, of course, a full bar displaying the carefully curated selection of Japanese whisky ranging from mid-level to super premium varieties. The entire beverage program which includes hand crafted cocktails, fine wine, and specialty sakes all compliment the fresh sushi beautifully. In an elegant, yet casual ambiance YU-OR-MI Sushi offers a local spot that can perfectly accommodate just about anything from special nights out, catching up over drinks with friends, to quality family time.

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