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1430 E Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89104

To Be Frank is what happens when two chefs who love hot dogs and travel get creative with an american institution. To Be Frank elevates the hot dog and its cousin, the sausage, to a place that'll leave you wondering, “Why didn’t Mom make hot dogs this good?” To Be Frank marries fresh ingredients and perspective with the classic hot dog as well as sausages from around the world. Lobster roll-style buns are handcrafted every other day by a local baker and local ingredients are used whenever possible. After countless taste-testings, the chefs selected hot dogs and sausages from respected purveyors Nueske's, Olympia Provisions and a master chorizo-maker in Northern Nevada, known enigmatically as Pete. To be perfectly frank, these aren’t your momma’s hot dogs.

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