The Basement

The Study

3440 Polaris Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89102

You and your friends have been kidnapped by Edward Tandy, a cannibalistic serial killer with a fine taste for unique electronics, taxidermy and, of course, human flesh. He has created a sick and twisted game of sorts in his deceased mother's home. He hopes to weed out the unintelligent and find those who are worthy of escaping by his late mother's standards.

In The Basement, you and your team will have to employ keen communication skills, a finely tuned organizational prowess and a general ability to keep your shit together under pressure if you want to survive. This is what we like to call a funnel puzzle, where you will find numerous items and clues throughout the room. These items all come together to orchestrate your escape.

No one under 12 permitted. Must be at least one adult in the room at all times. Anyone under 18 must have approval of attendance from parent or guardian and a copy of that person's government issued ID. Minimum purchase of two tickets to play even if solo.

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