Sophia in Sapphire

3650 S Jones Blvd, Ste 16
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Maximize the Exuberance of Life through Social Dance Experiences

As both an artist and a musician, Sophia has cultivated a mélange of artistry and precision in her work and has found a way to share it with others through dance.

She believes that the benefits of dance (including the feel good endorphins), are something that many of us desperately need in our everyday lives.

Naturally, Sophia has created an opportunity for all who are curious to experience the bliss of dance through her company, Sophia in Sapphire.

She and her team of Ballroom Dance Specialists have cultivated a “Playful, Big-hearted, and Driven” company culture to successfully train both advanced and beginner students and help them develop confidence on the dance floor.

This allows for students to experience the therapeutic, medicinal and transformative qualities of dance.

With a lifetime of dance education, and extensive training for her professional competition and her dance career, Sophia brings context to dance in the real world by actively reaching out to the local community with fun events, classes and radio, targeted to engage the curious beginner into the daunting world of dance.

Sophia views this as her way of giving back– by helping people feel alive, reconnected and invigorated through dance.

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