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When a child (or adult!) learns to swim with confidence, their life is changed forever. Swimming provides joy, freedom and endless opportunities to create lifelong memories in and around water, from backyard pool parties with friends to family beach vacations and beyond.

At SafeSplash, we also understand that swimming is a life skill® and that formal swimming lessons reduce the likelihood of childhood drowning by 88%. You have many options for swim lessons, but learning from passionate and experienced instructors makes a world of difference. With the right teacher and individualized attention, swimming isn’t scary, it’s empowering. Swimming lessons are all that we do, and our time-tested, progressive curriculum has helped millions of new swimmers discover the magic of swimming.

Every instructor is SafeSplash Certified™, skilled, and passionate about teaching water safety and the joy and technique of swimming. Our family-friendly programs are convenient for busy family lifestyles. We invite you to learn more and find the best swimming lessons for your child.

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