Safe Direction Firearms Training

Henderson, NV

Safe Direction Firearms Training, offers novice, basic through advanced firearm and lifestyle safety training. Courses are conducted in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. While safety is emphasized, every effort is made to ensure the courses are enjoyable for all. Because we keep the number of students in each class small you will receive personal attention from our certified Training Counselors, Instructors and Coaches that does not happen at many other firearm training facilities. Training is designed so that you may continue to build your skills through each course. The courses are conveniently scheduled, including week days and weekends, to fit your schedule. If your schedule is tight, you can schedule private courses or clinics with times that accommodate you. The goal of all Training Counselors, Instructors and Coaches is to provide you with a comfortable learning environment that encourages progress as you learn the capabilities of yourself and /or your firearm. The old saying, "time flies when you're having fun", applies to our courses. You will enjoy developing your safety awareness and shooting skills within our learning environment.

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