Piercing Vegas

2121 E Tropicana Ave, Ste 6
Las Vegas, NV 89119

By appointment only. PIERCING IS WHAT WE DO. We use only the Best Needles and Top Quality Internally Threaded and Threadless jewelry. It's our Mission to offer you a Clean, Fast, and Gentle Piercing Experience.

Minimum age for earlobe piercing is 5 and up. Minimum age for body piercings is 16 (Some piercings are 18+). To pierce a minor, we require a State-issued Birth Certificate along with a Valid Picture ID for BOTH the Guardian and Minor (No School ID's), Last names MUST match. Valid ID's include: Valid Unexpired Govenment-issued Drivers license or ID Card, Valid Unexpired Passport or United States Passport Card, Valid Military ID, Green Card or Resident Alien Card. Children aged 5-10 require an in-person consultation with the child present the day before the piercing.

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