LV Collectibles

9555 S Eastern Ave, Ste 140
Las Vegas, NV 89123

We're a hidden gem located inside Las Vegas Coin Company, but once you find us, you're sure to love what we have in store. From Casinos to Nightlife, Las Vegas has a lot to offer. At LV Collectibles, there's something for everyone to Discover. Here, you'll find some nostalgic Antiques, Priceless Keepsakes, Vintage Toys, Autographed items, Sports Memorabilia/Cards, Pokemon & Yugioh Cards and more. And if you have any collectibles you would like to Sell, we'll gladly review any items of value that you bring us and make a Cash Offer for any items that you choose to Sell! Our team is transparent and fair when it comes to Buying your items, so you can count on us to ensure you're always getting a Fair Deal.

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