Las Vegas Elite Offroad

6845 Speedway Blvd, Bldg K108
Las Vegas, NV 89115

Our vehicles offer elite performance with actual 4 wheel drive, amazingly powerful engines, automatic transmissions, long travel suspension, elite safety features such as roll cages, doors, window nets, and seat belts! In our vehicles you'll get the best off-road experience in complete comfortability. You can count on that!
Our machines do everything an ATV or simple dune buggy does, and much more. Twice the horsepower, 4 Wheel Drive and long travel suspension make our Can Am's able to navigate through terrain and scenic landscapes unseen by any 2 wheel drive buggy. Our fleet is all long travel Maverick X3 model Can Ams, you won't be driving a lesser model than your guide!
We are only 15 minutes from the strip, you don't have to travel far off the strip to get a different experience than what the Vegas strip has to offer! Ours is a unique experience like no other!

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