Kaizen CrossFit

4520 S Hualapai Way
Las Vegas, NV 89147

Kaizen is Japanese for “improvement” and “change for the better”. It is a daily undertaking that is continuous through each and every activity that is accepted. It strives for thinking and a response from a whole instead of a “control and command” attack of a single. It engages the whole and inspires each individual to partake in the many activities needed to effectively improve and adapt into a change for the better. We believe that this reflection to Kaizen is an expression of our philosophy to health and fitness. We want you to engage and be an active player in reaching your health and fitness goals. We also want to continuously improve our coaching and training we provide for you by staying true to our pledge. With this philosophy it will allow us all to gain a better, healthier and fit lifestyle in and outside of the gym.

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