HUDL Brewing Company

1327 S Main St, Ste 100
Las Vegas, NV 89104

All three of us have had great experiences in our lives. We remember those weekends, when gathering with our friends and drinking great craft beer was so much fun… we would debate why we liked a certain beer or brewery, rank the beers…you know…just “GEEK” out. We would work to convert our friends to the craft side. There is no greater pleasure when your buddy (Coop) says “where have you been all my life”…as he is referring to the craft beer you placed in his hands. Then introducing blind tastings with your own home brew (Skip) and watching your buddies’ reactions. Some were good and some not so good. This of course meant returning to the garage, tweaking recipes and techniques and trying again. We so looked forward to our monthly get togethers!

When we set out on this journey two plus years ago, we wanted to recreate a place where we could have a great craft beer experience every day, just like we did in our backyards. A place where everyone was invited, where you can come together, forget about the problems of the outside world, meet new people and drink great craft beer. A place where you put down your cell phones and use your spoken words with friends and family.

But…We (Ken and Skip) realized the transition from a 5 gal home brew system to our 15 BBL system would be a bit of a learning curve…So, why start at “A” when you can start at “U” (Joe).

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