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Rental without the hassle. Halo is an electric car that drives to you. Safe and easy to use, simply summon a Halo car to your location, drive it till your destination, and end the trip to driverlessly return the car to our garage.

No going to a location, no waiting in line. Book a car and have it delivered to your doorstep. With Halo, we deliver the car to you, and when you’re done, we pick it up from where you park. ‍ The cool part? With our HaloPilot technology, we deliver and pick up the car remotely - with the driver at our headquarters, not inside the car. That means the car arrives to you empty, and drives away empty when you finish the booking. We have developed a proprietary kit (HaloPilot) with cameras, sensors, modems, compute and antennae. Installing HaloPilot on a car allows us to securely stream real-time video and sensor data from that car, and to control (steer, accelerate, brake) and drive the car remotely. We call our drivers who control the cars remotely “remote pilots”.

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