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Cô Anh

4725 Spring Mountain Rd, Ste G
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Our family owned and operated restaurant has roots dating back many decades ago in Vietnam. It began with Cô Anh (Mrs. Anh) and her love for making delicious Banh Bao steamed pork buns for her family, friends, and neighbors. Over the years spent in the kitchen, her delightful offerings expanded to include noodle soups, sandwiches, and many other traditional Vietnamese dishes.

Cô Anh and the rest of our family relocated to America many years ago and we brought with us the love to cook authentic Vietnamese food. We are excited to share her wonderful recipes with you in our kitchen! Come dine with us for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Early in the mornings you can catch Cô Anh still at it, filling, shaping, and steaming her Banh Bao with love just like all those years ago in Vietnam.

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