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9800 W Skye Canyon Park Dr, Ste 190
Las Vegas, NV 89166

In 1936, Bob Wian sold his prized DeSoto Roadster to purchase a hamburger stand in Glendale, California. He named it Bob’s Pantry. Six months later, Bob sliced a bun into three slices, added two hamburger patties and, voilà, the very first double-decker burger was born!
Customers couldn’t get enough of Bob’s new creation. One fan, in particular, a chubby six-year-old boy named Richard Woodruff, loved the double-decker. His devotion inspired Bob to name the new burger Big Boy® after his nickname for Richard.
The Big Boy® burger craze that ensued prompted Bob to change the stand’s name to Bob's Big Boy® and to introduce the now-iconic Big Boy® mascot.

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