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Owner, Chris Knecht was born in San Bernardino, California in 1977. It was pretty rough in that area at the time, so Chris finished school and later joined the Marine Corps in 1996. He then spent four years in North Carolina, and then worked for Cheesecake Factory for eleven years. This is where Chris started off as a Baker working his way up to open twenty-four Cheesecake Factories Nationwide!Chris worked with another company for six months as an Area Director, and then decided to start his own business with an idea to open a retail store inspired by 80s pop culture toys, games, and products. All the 80s memorabilia came from Chris’s Grandfather who owned an antique mall in Iowa. His Grandfather passed away in 1995, passing all the amazing items on to Chris’s Father. It took two tractor trailers to move all the 80s memorabilia over 1,500 miles West from Dallas, Texas to Sacramento, California. That was the beginning of Back To 80s Store & More. Back to 80s Store & More started in 2014, which remained in existence for about three years. Originally started in Sacramento, California (Midtown) and then after six months it grew out of space. The store later moved to Rancho Cordova, California. Then, in 2017 it was converted into, Back To The 80s Store & More. After COVID hit, Chris decided to close the store in temporarily California, and open the Back To the 80s Cafe restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada. Back To The 80s Cafe has developed a huge following in the local market thanks to its loyal customers and strong social media fan base. Stop in and see us today!

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