Asylum Fight Team

Big Scary Gym

7705 Commercial Way, Ste 150
Henderson, NV 89011

We founded the club on the belief that there lot of people would like to train or cross train but are not in a financial position to do so and we don't think money should be the sole roadblock to doing something you love. Life is about more than money and Martial Arts can be a path to making your life better.......

Train to get in shape, learn self defense, compete or just for fun. The goal of The Asylum Fight Gym Vegas is to provide real training in a safe, friendly low stress ego free environment. We are dedicated to helping every student meet their meet their training goals.

We only teach those 15 years old and over and our students range from beginners to competitive fighters.

We train both Mixed Martial Arts and Submission Grappling.

Tickets for all major events are available now!

Call the Rebel Tickets VegasNearMe ticketing line at 725-325-1036

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