The Casino War

Las Vegas,
Sin City.
The Strip.
A town known for high rollers, celebrity chefs, billion dollar corporations and nights of debauchery for the young and the rich.

But that's not our story.
Joe DeSimone is our story.
Joe bought the railroad pass casino in April 2015. Railroad pass is the longest operating casino in the country; and, with it has come the headaches, expenses, remodels and sweat and tears of an 85 year old property.

But Joe and his dedicated team have a vision - to bring that old school Vegas charm and customer service to a new generation. To remind people what a great town this is. To fight the good fight against those mega corps trying to change the face of this city.

THAT is our story. That is The Casino War.
The Casino War. A new reality series starting 2017.

Check out the Railroad Pass Casino:

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