Dale McKenzie


I’m a retired musician here in Las Vegas and I love this city. It is truly a unique town, noplace else like it on earth, and since I started this little YouTube channel, it has been my pleasure to share a locals-eye view of its attractions to all of you out there who have an interest. A side benefit of picking up the camera and venturing out is that we are discovering secrets and wonders as well, right along with you!

We put out a new video about once a week, and we've got quite a collection of them already published - check them out, you may find a property or attraction that you are thinking of visiting, or have already enjoyed. Hit that Subscribe button, and join my wife Paula and myself on our Las Vegas based adventures! We cover not only the Strip, but the town itself, the surrounding desert, and wherever else we find ourselves, with a few "On the Road" videos too. Welcome!