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Savor the Flavor with a Taste of Latin Cuisines in Las Vegas

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When it comes to food in Las Vegas, the city doesn't just live up to the hype; it crushes the competition, making lists for "best foodie" city every year! 😋 But it's no surprise, especially considering how Las Vegas has become quite the melting pot of cultures.

Take a taste journey with us, Nikki, Karen and Ramiro, as we explore different Latin American cuisines! 🌮 🥘 🌯

We're trying savory and hearty dishes from restaurants like Makers & Finders and Mariscos Playa Escondida, and then we top it off with something sweet at Agua El Manantial.

Makers & Finders – 00:25
Mariscos Playa Escondida – 01:04
Agua El Manantial – 02:00

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