Shows your Grandma wouldn't approve of

By Jennifer Minagil

November 13, 2022

It's great to balance a Vegas vacation with something different - a little out there, a little crazy.  Take a breeze through our list of Shows your Grandma wouldn't approve of.  If you havn't seen these yet, we highly recommend them during your next visit!  These shows are for adult audiences only, so you'll need a babysitter if you have kiddos with you.

Miss Behave's MAVERICKS

If you were lucky enough to attend The Miss Behave Game Show when it performed at Bally's, you witnessed a force to be reckoned with.  Though the whirling dervish-turned stage-show came to an end with the arrival of Covid-19, Miss Behave has upped the ante with MAVERICKS.  Performing just off Fremont Street inside Cheapshot, get those dollar bills out to tip your favorite performers, because they are ready to do whatever it takes to knock your socks off (and maybe more).  The night we attended, our Emcee was a grandfatherly gent in a fuzzy rabbit suit.  Flirting laviciously with patrons, he encouraged camaraderie and laughter while introducing singers, contortionists, and striptease artists - just to name a few.  At $39 for a General Admission ticket, you literally can't afford NOT to go.

Editor note: As of January 24, 2023 the show MAVERICKS has permanently closed.  We still heavily encourage you to check out CHEAPSHOT however! - JM

Late Night Magic

Can you function past midnight? Are you a little different from your average magic fan?  If so, this is the show for you.  Host Doug "Lefty" Leferovich introduces each performer with the perfect blend of raunchy humor. From the cringe-inducing macabre to the most classic sleight of hand, the cast of Late Night Magic covers all the bases and is "out there" enough to make your Grandma shake her head.  With Bizarro's optical illusions, Anna Rose's hypnosis, John Shaw's freakshow and the irreplaceable Mondre - you won't regret paying $35 for a seat in this off strip cabaret-style theater.  You may be seated with another party if you're flying solo, but that's the intrigue of an old-school Vegas showroom.

Editor note: As of December 17, 2022 the show Late Night Magic has closed.  They are seeking a new performance location, and the article will be updated as soon as that's been announced. - JM


If you love raunchy humor and aren't offended by off-the-cuff F bombs, this is your jam.  Held in the climate controlled Spiegeltent at Caesars Palace, folding chairs and funky easy chairs encapsulate the room, with seating in the round.  Located in the center of the room, the stage encourages the intimacy of the show itself.  You will have performers in your face at times if you're within the first three rows, and not unlike a comedy show there is a possibility of being roasted by the Gazillionaire emcee and his assistant.  With a random smattering of striptease, acrobatics, skaters, naughty puppets and more possible each evening, as a hilariously fun and outlandish variety show, Absinthe hits different.  At $145 per ticket you may need to stay off the penny slots for the night, but we promise you won't regret the choice.

Puppetry of the Penis

Okay, okay - you can pick your jaw up off the floor.  The name alone incites its own reaction, am I right?  As a comedic performance-art show taking place at the Erotic Heritage Museum, you'll witness what has been called "body based genital comedy".  Nude male performers onstage fold, twist and cup their nether regions into various shapes such as The Hamburger, The Wristwatch, The Pelican, and more - accompanied by comedic narration, of course.  The show easily caters to Bachelorette parties as you might imagine - and at $40 per ticket, a group outing would be an absolute blast.


As one of the newer shows to grace the strip, Rouge seamlessly intertwines grace and seduction while hitting just the right dirty notes for every fetish.  With 18 costumed performers, several of them circulating the showroom prior to curtain, there is a lovely sense of intensity as each of them makes eye contact with you.  The couple who emcee the show reminded us of Zumanity, pre-pandemic; offering comedic quips and sexual innuendos.  Each themed number in the show piques your interest based on song or costume - a Marie Antoinette styled number was particularly well done.  Ticket pricing begins at $64 per person for the rear of The Strat Theater.