EDC 2023

By Jennifer Minagil

EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) took root at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in 2011.  Since then, the event has become the single largest electronic dance music festival in North America.  Las Vegas is the flagship destination for EDC, while smaller festivals take place internationally in Mexico, Japan, South Korea, China and Portugal.  Held by American electronic music event promoter Insomniac, the event offers not only live performances by renowned DJs and Producers, but also roaming carnival performers, carnival rides, glow-in-the-dark environments, art installations and so much more.  

This year's event will take place May 19-21, 2023.  Lets dive into the details and learn more about the event!

What to expect

We adore the inclusivity of EDC's slogan, "All Are Welcome Here".  Uniqueness is celebrated in all people, art, music, and performances that you will see throughout EDC weekend.  All persons attending the event are happily referred to as Headliners by event staff; so if you see that referred throughout the article, you'll know why. 

The nine stages that make up the EDC field include:
  • kineticFIELD - Legendary and sacred, movement and energy move through you here
  • cosmicMEADOW - This is where the opening ceremonies take place, as well as performances by top names in electronic music and hip-hop
  • circuitGROUNDS - LED walls and pyrotechnics
  • neonGARDEN - Deep house and techno music are found here
  • bassPOD - Dubstep, bass house, drum & bass, and trap music can be found here
  • wasteLAND - Home for ravers, you'll find hard dance, hardcore, and hardstyle music here
  • quantumVALLEY - Trance genre music can be found here
  • stereoBLOOM - Performances by known artists as well as up-and-comers
  • ART CARS - These vehicles are mobile sound systems that broadcast all forms of dance music

Throughout the infield of EDC 2023 will be carnival rides for all in attendance, for some lighthearted kids-at-heart fun.  Best of all, there is no extra cost for them - rides are included in your admission cost.  You'll also find a wide array of art installations throughout the carnival grounds.  From the stage creations to superstructures, to LED and glow-in-the-dark environments, many concepts being a mesh of nature and technology - you'll be inspired in a way that you never thought possible. Roaming performers in over-the-top costumes and body paint will grab your attention, grab a selfie with you, or dance with you.  Visit Downtown EDC to check out a themed bar or open-air theater.  Feeling a bit more emo?  Get married in one of the stunning chapels or pledge love at the Commitment Deck, enjoy a silent disco (with headphones), or visit the Tokyo style Karaoke bar with friends old and new to sing your heart out.  The options here are absolutely endless!

Featured performers

Some of the biggest headliners will take the stage throughout EDC weekend - to find the day-to-day lineup of EDC performers, click here.  

The part that we're loving, is that many of the headliners will appear in and around Las Vegas in other venues such as Marquee, Zouk, Omnia, TAO, Jewel, XS and many more.  Below, we have linked some solid fan favorites that will be featured during EDC week in our world famous nightclubs.  


The big question for you and your group may certainly be, how on earth do we get there?  There are a multitude of options available to you, if you don't already have your transportation set in stone.  Las Vegas Motor Speedway is about 19 miles north of the Luxor Hotel and MGM Grand.  So, while it's less than walkable, we have some options listed below to help get you where you need to be.

Self-Drive: A simplistic option would be to drive yourself to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, if you have your own vehicle or a rental car.  The good news here is that General Parking is free.  The biggest parking lots on-site with the best access points to the festival will be located on the West and South sides of LVMS - on event maps those will be the Brown and Green lots, both accessible from Las Vegas Boulevard.   The general parking lots open at 3pm each day of the festival.

TIP: If you choose to self-drive, know that traffic to and from the event will be heavily congested.  The most populated routes will be I-15 and Las Vegas Boulevard.  While I-15 is the most direct route as there won't be any traffic lights, that doesn't necessarily mean that it will be without minor headache.  It's a good idea to bring water or electrolyte beverages in the car with you, not just to keep you hydrated before your arrival - but to aid you when it's time to leave the festival grounds each evening.  Check to ensure you have ample gas in the tank, and allot yourself some additional time getting to and from the venue.  Wait times to get to LVMS for the festival can amass into the several-hour mark, so grab a snack and pack your patience.

EDC Shuttles are fully sold out this close to the event, unless you've bought a package through Resorts World (see our Where To Stay section below).  If you want to add your name to the waitlist to see if availability happens to open up, click here.  Shuttle passes begin at $129 per person with departures from the Strip beginning at 7pm each night of the festival.  Return shuttles begin their departures from LVMS at 3am and run into the wee hours (concluding 1 hour after the last performances at Kinetic Field).

Rideshare is a popular option as many of us can appreciate the on-demand aspect.  It's important to know that surge/demand pricing will be extremely high during this weekend, as will wait times and transit times to and from LVMS.  On a regular non-festival Friday night, Lyft is pricing at $27.99 one way from just off-strip, and Uber is pricing at $32.93.  For EDC weekend, you can expect easily triple these prices, at minimum.  So save those coupon codes if you have them, and pool the rideshare with friends!  Know that upwards of 450,000 other people are heading to the very same event throughout the weekend, so be sure to share a smile with your driver - and remember that gratuity goes a long way.  They're working hard to get you to and from your destination safely.

Taxi is another option for your EDC transit needs.  With a one-way fare from The Strip to LVMS estimated at anywhere between $85 to $110, it's not too far off from Rideshare pricing.  It's a good idea to expect the higher end of the price range, of course - smart forecasting helps when it comes to unpredictable and heavy traffic.

Limousine service may turn out to be an economical option for you, especially if you're traveling with a large number of people.  We have several Las Vegas based companies linked below if you would like to check into availability.

Helicopter transportation is available with Maverick Helicopters, if you would rather escape the bumper to bumper traffic and fly the friendly skies.  Advance reservations are a necessity, and though the cost is a bit steeper than rideshare, these flights do sell out quickly.  Plus - can we talk about high class?  Pinky out!  To request inbound or return helicopter accommodations for your EDC adventure, click here

Where to stay

Resorts World has spoken, and they've stated loud and clear that Hotel EDC is open for business!  With accommodations in the Las Vegas Hilton at Resorts World, Hotel EDC is touted as the ultimate home for Headliners.  3-night packages are available starting at $1153.62 per person before tax & resort fees if you already have your EDC event tickets. If you have not purchased your EDC passes, the 3-night packages which include tickets to the festival begin at $1544.37 per person before tax & resort fees.  Joining this exclusive Resort experience will grant you access to exclusive parties, art installations, and specialty food & cocktails throughout the resort, and that's just the beginning.  Before checking out, you can even add EDC shuttle passes which is a massive benefit, as shuttle passes to the general public are currently sold out - plus, rideshare rates will be in the upper echelon of surge pricing.  A dedicated Vibee concierge crew will be on-site to assist you upon arrival.  There is a nonstop jam-packed schedule just waiting for you.  Click here to peruse or purchase your Hotel EDC package!

If Hotel EDC is slightly outside of your price range, not to worry - there are many other hotels with rooms available during EDC weekend.  We have linked some of the most economical below for you, with rates ranging from $186 per night on the strip (Circus Circus) up through $264 per night off-strip (Sam's Town) - and that's just the tip of the sandbar.   You can search for additional availability throughout Las Vegas with the VegasNearMe app by tapping Places & Travel, then tap Book Hotels.

Food and Beverage

After all the dancing you'll be doing at EDC, you'll be seeking things to eat and drink. Fear not! There will be a variety of options to satisfy your crave.  There are free water refill stations available throughout the festival grounds, so keep an eye out for the water droplet symbol on the festival maps.  Roaming vendors will have water, snacks and other beverages available for sale.  Food and Beverage stands will be located throughout the event as well. Those of you with specific dietary needs, take note that there will be vegan and vegetarian options available, which is great news!  All vendors are cashless, so be prepared to use a credit or debit card, Apple pay or Android pay.

If you're seeking deliciousness pre or post festival, we've included some of our favorite dining options below that offer late-night menus as well as fantastic breakfast options.

Before and After

Are you coming in a few days before EDC begins?   Perhaps you aren't leaving until a day or two after the event wraps up.  No matter what your plans include - if you're looking for something fun, unique and exciting, check out some options we have tagged below!  
As the EDC Headliner's Handbook states: Always be a headliner, Spread love, Respect the space, Ignite positivity, Embrace the true you, Care for one another, Be open to experience & Keep the beat going.  Have an amazing time at this year's EDC!