Discover The Underground: The Best Speakeasies in Vegas

Ah, the allure of the forbidden! The speakeasy culture of the Prohibition era has found its modern-day manifestation in the heart of Vegas, a city that thrives on the exhilaration of the unknown. Today, I’m pulling back the curtain on the clandestine cocktail scene that's been stirring up the desert sands under the neon lights. Ready to unearth the hidden gems of Vegas nightlife? Let’s step into the shadows together!

The Shrouded Entry

The Laundry Room
Hidden within Commonwealth, this intimate haven requires a secret text for entry. The allure of the unknown never sounded so inviting, right?

Capo's Restaurant and Speakeasy
Pass through a mobster-themed phone booth into a realm where the 1920s roar louder than the slots on the Strip. It’s a trip back in time, with a cocktail in hand!

Cocktail Connoisseur’s Paradise

Herbs & Rye
This spot is a time machine through the eras of cocktail mastery. Ask the bartender for a concoction from the prohibition era and sip on history!

Franklin Lounge
Nestled within Delano, Franklin stirs up the night with innovative mixology amid a cozy, chic ambiance. Every sip is a new story waiting to be told.

The Roaring Atmosphere

The Underground at the Mob Museum
It's not just a speakeasy; it's a journey into the mob era. And oh, did we mention the on-site distillery? Cheers to history!

1923 Prohibition Bar
Step into the roaring twenties, with prohibition-themed dance nights. It's Gatsby’s party, and you’re on the list!

Sultry Jazz and Live Tunes

The Sand Dollar Lounge
The revival of a classic, with live tunes to swoon and sway to as you sip on meticulously crafted cocktails. The rhythm of Vegas lives here.

The Dispensary Lounge
Tucked away from the glaring lights of the Strip, The Dispensary Lounge is where the heart of jazz beats strong. With a funky 70s decor, it’s a nostalgic ride into the golden era of live music. 

Retro Vibes

Atomic Liquours
Vegas’ oldest freestanding bar, with a vintage charm and a rooftop to gaze over the modern city with a classic cocktail. It’s a taste of old Vegas in a glass!

Champagnes Café
Dive into the retro charm with velvety booths and classic cocktails. It’s a date night spot that’s as smooth as the bubbly poured here.
Venturing off the beaten path in Vegas leads you to doorways of mystery and nights filled with clandestine charm, characteristic of the Las Vegas speakeasies scene.. The speakeasy scene is a toast to the city's untold stories, waiting to be discovered one hidden bar at a time. So, whisper the secret codes, delve into the underground, and uncover a side of Vegas that dances to the tunes of history and mixology magic. 

And hey, for the insatiable night owl in you, grab the VegasNearMe app for a deeper dive into the city’s nocturnal heartbeat. Here's to your next clandestine adventure under the neon lights. Until next time, keep the secrets and the cocktails stirring!