Breakfast in Vegas

By Jennifer Minagil

Are you hungry?   How about some breakfast?  It is this writers' opinion that we have some of the best breakfast spots in the western United States; and trust us, as locals, we've tried a lot of them.  Join us for some french toast, eggs benedict, pancakes and so much more - on this quest to calm hungry stomachs.

Mr Mamas

Recommended to us by a friend, we checked out Mr. Mamas recently, and are SO pleased that we did.  What a hidden gem!   Open from 7am to 3pm daily, they are often abuzz with a line out the door shortly after opening.  Departing diners' tables are quickly wiped clean, with another family ready to grab their silverware and dig in.  I was feeling simplistic the day we visited and ordered 2 Eggs and Toast (your choice of Hash Browns or Home Fries).  My eggs were prepared perfectly, over medium with runny yolk just right for toast dipping, but the flavor on their crispy-edged home fries was what hit it out of the park for me.  Delicious!  This diner also offers solid lunch staples such as sandwiches, wraps, burgers and salads.  With free refills on coffee, hot or iced tea and fountain drinks, not to mention prices lower than industry average for most items, you get an excellent bang for your buck. Mr. Mamas is a definite must-do when you're near the intersection of Jones & Russell.


Well known for their wide variety of pancake flavors, BabyStacks offers 6 locations around the valley.  Having opened their first location in October of 2010, some might say they are still newbies to the breakfast market.  Nevertheless, we see you, BabyStacks - and we give you our stamp of approval!  On our recent visit I tried their PB and ??? pancakes.  That's not a glitch, you're seeing that right.. question marks.  You can pair these peanut butter pancakes with your choice of bananas, chocolate chips or jelly spread.  I decided on the jelly spread, and the flavor profile brought me back to childhood.  One of those summer days where Mom makes you a PB&J after you're done splashing in the pool.. perfection.  But I digress!  The peanut butter batter isn't overly sweet at all, and the jelly spread added just the right touch.  I recommend you pull up a chair, order a cup of coffee and peruse their lengthy list of pancake flavors.  Whether you decide on a Full or Short stack, you won't be disappointed.  The restaurant offers other breakfast favorites as well as lunch options, and locations are open from 7am to 2pm midweek, and as late as 3pm on weekends.

The Cracked Egg

Next we bring you to another valley favorite, The Cracked Egg.  Locally owned & operated, this lovely diner with a country-home feel was established in 2002.  Cute decor featuring farm animal cutouts and boasting Hot Coffee are paired with soft butter-yellow walls.  The two-sided menu offers a delightful blend of options that will tempt your palate, and their smooth blend of coffee will make things feel just right.   An easy favorite of ours can be found within the wide variety of breakfast skillets.  Whether you choose one of the suggested Sin City Skillets or decide to Build Your Own - the food is plentiful.  Each have seasoned potatoes, cheese, and two eggs cooked your way, along with your choice of Toast or Coffee Cake.  For those of you with smaller stomachs, ask for a half-skillet.  You'll have a 1/2 size skillet at no sacrifice of flavor or quality, and you'll save a few dollars.   If you're looking for sweet rather than savory, try the Croissant French Toast.  Is it lunchtime for you? They have a delicious Tuna Melt as well as a sizeable Cobb salad.  For those with Gluten sensitivities, a menu that caters to you is available.  At last glance, all five locations are open from 7am to 2pm daily.  Hot tip: Sign up for their App-based rewards program for easy access to immediate freebies and discounts.  We often see 2-for-1 entree offers in the VIP Rewards section of the app more than once a week.

Egg Works

Egg Works is a place we have begun to frequent, to try various things on their menu.  Following alongside other greats in town, they offer abridged hours that are 7am to 2pm midweek, and up through 3pm on Saturday & Sunday.  I figure they've got to leave us wanting more, right?   On our most recent visit I indulged in the Butterscotch Chip pancakes, which our waitress mentioned were very popular.  The flavor was absolutely beautiful - buttery warm and smooth.  The pancakes were sizeable, you will definitely find yourself full from a short stack.  Another delicious option is one of their breakfast skillets with the Habla Diablo seasoned potatoes. Nestled beneath your choice of eggs, and served alongside an order of toast or a homemade banana nut muffin?  What a treat!  Equally as fantastic as the food, is the warm and welcoming service we receive each time we dine here.  Waitstaff are happy to suggest something new if you're stumped, and it's a rare occasion when we don't have to wait at least fifteen minutes for a table.  How you treat your customer matters - especially in this day and age. It shows in the way that folks arrive in droves for Egg Works!

Blueberry Hill

It's truly a Vegas institution.  With four locations scattered around the valley and two of them open 24/7, you'll be hard pressed not to have a Vegas local recommend Blueberry Hill.  With an 18-page menu of epic proportions offering just about any course you'd imagine, it may take you a few minutes to pore through everything.  If you're here for breakfast specifically, let me train your eyes to the French Toast.  Thick-cut home-style bread griddled in batter that is infused with pure vanilla extract, dusted with snowy powdered sugar, topped with a pat of butter (and whipped cream, if you wish).  This French Toast is second to none; heaven on a plate.  Oh, and hear me out - those of you who are syrup purists?  These wedges of deliciousness do not require syrup.  Call me crazy, but give them a bite and see what you think.   If you're looking for something a bit more on the savory side; flip to the page dedicated to their Four Egg Omelettes.  Oversized and packed full with ingredients, you won't leave hungry.  Don't let the menu overwhelm you, and get your napkin ready.  Enjoy!
Stay tuned for more Breakfast in Vegas options for you - coming soon!