Alive - Pearl Jam Tribute

The Club, Cannery Casino Hotel

2121 E Craig Rd
N Las Vegas, NV 89030

A homage to one of the greatest and most unique rock bands in history, this exciting highly acclaimed act pays tribute to Pearl Jam by recreating the sound, look, energy, and intensity of an early 90’s era concert. Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, lead singer Erik Tovar bears a striking resemblance both visually and sonically to a young Eddie Vedder as he delivers a powerful recreation of vocals, mannerisms, and presence, sometimes seemingly possessed by the spirit of the legend himself. The power and spontaneity of the show transforms the concert arena into the closest thing to a Pearl Jam show that can be experienced, a place of passion, mysticism, and emotional depth. The band brings classics such as “Alive”, “Evenflow”, “Jeremy”, “Daughter”, “Black”, and many more to the stage with a combination of passion, precision, and instinctual chemistry. Whether you are a casual Pearl Jam fan, or a hardcore faithful fan like the band members, ALIVE! delivers the goods and is a must-see for anyone seeking to experience an incredible recreation of a Pearl Jam show!

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Venue Information

Cannery Casino Hotel

The Club, Cannery Casino Hotel

2121 E Craig Rd, N Las Vegas, NV 89030

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