Xplozone Trampoline Park

2640 S Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Your kids will love Xplozone because open court platform allows easy access from attraction to attraction. But will you?

Xplozone is built by fun loving parents with fun loving parents in mind. Where ever your kids are or where ever you are on the playing field, you will have a clear view of your kids in most instances. Except for the ninja obstacle course and the dodgeball arena, where your vision is inevitably obscured by obstacles or nettings, you will have 100% clear open view of the playing field from one end to the other.

We also have a snack bar offering drinks and snacks at affordable prices to enhance your experience at Xplozone.

Parkour anyone? Whether you are a skater, gymnast, cheerleader, dancer or just simply a hardcore action lover, we have 7 tramp walls surrounding 7 Olympic Trampolines to offer challenging excitement for all levels. Ranging from 6 ft to 10 ft walls, Xplozone tramp walls offer wide range of difficulty levels for all enthusiasts.

Whether you are a fun loving kid, a mom or a dad, or a hardcore sports enthusiasts, Xplozone offers safe and fun environment for you. Do more of what makes you happy at the place that makes you more happy!

Tickets for all major events are available now!

Call the Rebel Tickets VegasNearMe ticketing line at 725-325-1036

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