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Are you looking for golf lessons in Las Vegas? RoboGolfPro Las Vegas uses a revolutionary robotic swing trainer that allows you to “feel” the proper movement of the body and arms in your swing. RoboGolfPro doesn’t force you into someone else’s swing. RoboGolfPro teaches you YOUR BEST swing.

RoboGolfPro is the only golf lesson machine in existence that physically takes the club and corrects the golf swing specifically for your ability and physique. This develops a muscle memory which enables you to replicate that swing when you are out on the course.

Our certified golf lesson instructors carefully evaluate your swing and then enter that information into our computers. The robot then guides your arms and body to formulate a golf swing and motion that is the best fit for you. This can save you up to hundreds of hours in the time it normally takes to go through the learning curve of better understanding your swing. You will be striking the ball much better in no time!

Tickets for all major events are available now!

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