Nevada Made Marijuana

310 E Warm Springs Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89119

If you are visiting Las Vegas and have just landed at Harry Reid airport (formerly McCarron Airport) and are looking for the nearest dispensary, Nevada Made Marijuana is your top destination. How about 3 blocks from the airport? Looking for primo cannabis flower? How about the best prerolls, vapes, or THC concentrates? If you are a local and seeking Las Vegas dispensaries, you can order weed online or pop into your favorite cannabis dispensary Las Vegas. Our 24 hour Vegas dispensary is a local favorite. If you are at the airport and have typed in “best weed near me”, you probably have already found Nevada Made’s dispensary Las Vegas. But did you know that Nevada is the nearest dispensary, only 3 blocks from the airport and is a 24 hour dispensary in Las Vegas? At Nevada Made, we don’t spend money on big flashy ad campaigns. We want you to find the “best weed near me” and “best dispensary in Las Vegas” because we are both, but we spend our time getting customers the best quality cannabis products, keeping our prices low, and giving you the best 24 hour dispensary service available.

Recreational only. No delivery offered at this time. Cash only.

Tickets for all major events are available now!

Call the Rebel Tickets VegasNearMe ticketing line at 725-325-1036

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