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Galleria at Sunset

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Nate Morgan Sr. emigrated from Europe in 1900, destined for Salt Lake City, Utah, and a job in a local pawn shop. To earn his room and board, Nate assisted the shop’s proprietor and oversaw the shipping in and out of the establishment. With hard work and quick wit, Nate Morgan Sr. rose to store manager within just one year of arriving in the United States. After steadfastly scrimping and saving most of his earnings, in 1914 Nate and a partner opened the first Morgan Jewelers location in Pocatello, Idaho.

As business grew, Nate Morgan maintained his firm commitment to customer service. He launched a series of initiatives to address customer demand, including hiring a goldsmith and watchmaker. In the 1920s, Pocatello was bustling with industrial exhilaration as a main hub of the Union Pacific Railroad. Nearly 10 percent of all industrial workers in the nation were employed to work on the railroad, each outfitted with a railroad company watch. As the hub’s only official watch timer, Morgan Jewelers ensured that the trains continued to run on time by inspecting and calibrating all worker’s watches. Familiar with the railroad’s strict rules for timepiece accuracy, Nate facilitated a unique arrangement whereby railroad employees could have the calibration expenses deducted from their paycheck.

Morgan Jewelers First Store - Your's Today, A Year to Pay

The method allowed workers to maintain their timepieces as necessary, even if they didn't have the funds available at the time of service. This relationship progressed, with the railroad eventually authorizing Morgan Jewelers to sell other merchandise with payments deducted directly from employee payroll.

Word spread among the railroad employees, overwhelming the modest store’s capacity with customers. Nate Morgan Sr. moved the business to a larger location and began marketing his sales method to all consumers, becoming one of the first companies in the western United States to offer merchandise with a payment plan. The sign on the new store read with pride, "Nate Morgan Jewelers, Yours Today, a Year to Pay."

The Morgan Jewelers dedication to customer service and quality merchandise has since expanded across 16 stores in the Rocky Mountain region. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Morgan Jewelers brand extends into Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Washington and Oregon. The Morgan Jewelers scope of offerings has also evolved, now including Jewel School, Jewelry Care, and Repair and Warranty plans. Morgan Jewelers continues as a family owned and operated business.

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Galleria at Sunset

Morgan Jewelers, Galleria at Sunset

1300 W Sunset Rd
Henderson, NV 89014

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