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4500 E Sunset Rd, Ste 14
Henderson, NV 89014

Our family started in the restaurant business 27 years ago in Northern California. We took over Grandma's Donuts in San Mateo, CA in 1991 and expanded it to offer authentic Filipino cuisine. Next is Cher's Grill House on 6th Street in SoMa area downtown. It's more of a turo-turo place like most Filipino restaurants. It's where we developed our BBQ marinade. We delivered thousands of skewers every weekend to 3 flea markets in the area. We took over Teriyaki Bowl on Sahara back in 2002. We ran it for a few years until Nora and Bing decided to go back to the Philippines. Upon returning to the States, the itch to cook again returned. Last April, the family opened Manila BBQ. It's not a turo-turo place. It's a fun, fast, and casual dining experience. Our food is fresh and delicious. We invite you to come and try our specialties.

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