Las Vegas Eagle

3430 E Tropicana Ave, Ste 47
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Unlike any other Eagle, the Las Vegas Eagle stands out from the rest by catering to all facets of the rainbow and beyond! Discrimination is out the door, so not a soul will ever need to feel left out. We have the friendliest bartenders, royal flush dealing machines, and our locals that frequent our bar aren't so bad either!
Our favorite, funnest, and famous The Original Underwear Party Nights continue with an addition! Now come enjoy Underwear and Karaoke Night! Reviewed by the folks from Las Vegas Weekly publication, our Original Underwear Party with Karaoke Host By DJ TJ3Y ( was dubbed "Most FUN" karaoke in town on Tuesday nights! Tuesdays and Fridays from 10pm til 2am. Enjoy complimentary well liquor and/or draft beer just by stripping down to your hottest undies. Singing participation not necessary but why not go ahead and belt out a tune! You won't have to imagine people in their underwear to get over your nerves. They'll already be in them!
On Saturday, come show us what you do best. The Richard Villa Variety show allows you to showcase your best talent in a venue that doesn't discriminate. Whatever you would like to do from performing a circus act to singing to gyrating those buns, everything and anything that you do best. The Richard Villa Variety showcase is your place to do those things and more. Every Saturday night beginning at 10p.
Painted Skin Fridays with Sergio Daae. Come witness the Top Award winning make-up artist as he does you up to your desire. Whether it be a simple mustache tattoo or something more elaborate like a whole body painting. Sergio is the guy to do it and boy is he fantastic!
We have a daily Happy Hour from 10a - 2pm, and uniquely it's a 3 for 1. Get your drink on with 3 for the price of 1!
We have Fireball! Who doesn't need a little heat to get their night started?!
For those that are seriously serious about karaoke, Saturday nights bring you Karaoke After Midnite. Keep on singing till you hear the church bells ringing. Beginning at midnight and going til,...well whenever we want, you'll have the alley cats throwing shoes at you to shut up! It's a party after party style!
So much goes on here at the Las Vegas Eagle that we just hope you come in and see what the fuss is all about! After all, without you, well, let's not even go there! Come into the spot that's like no other! The Las Vegas Eagle!

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