Josephine Skaught Hairdressing

1025 S 1st St, Ste 165
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Through superior hairdressing and outstanding customer service we aim to spread love and beauty. Our purpose is to create a fun and friendly community where people can come together to enjoy art, fashion, music and each other…and above all else, fabulous hair!

1. discover
We want to discover everything about YOU! Who you are. Your comforts. Your likes and dislikes. Your ideal style and cut. What have you had in the past that you hated or loved? We strive to exceed your expectations and deliver your new look with an experience that you will never forget. We want you to feel at home when you come into our home and feel as though you are just kicking off your shoes and putting on your favorite album to unwind.

2. define
When we get a clear idea of what your goals are for your new look we want to define them and lay everything out before you to make sure we are about to embark on a fun and exciting journey together.

3. style
After styling your fresh new cut and or color we want you to be just as excited as we are! This is a very friendly and open community, so if you want to see your style a little differently do not be afraid to ask…remember, it’s all about YOU and the experience that you deserve. You should walk out proud and ecstatic. We will do everything in our power to make sure this happens every time, whether you are in for a trim or a whole new you.

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