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1450 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Ste C-201
Henderson, NV 89012

Jesse brought his family to Las Vegas in 1946. In 1950 he and his wife Edna bought the Mina Mansion and turned it into a restaurant. Nevada's former state capitol was in a city called Mina. When the capitol was moved to Carson City, the governor's mansion was relocated to Las Vegas. It was there that Jesse, Edna, and their son Jack lived upstairs, while downstairs they entertained and fed Las Vegas prominent dignitaries and Strip performers.

Having been raised in restaurants and casino kitchens, Jesse's son Jack learned from a heritage of outstanding cooks. Now Jack and his two sons bring their age-old family tradition to your neighborhood pizza shop. You and your family are welcome to enjoy the original recipes and cooking techniques that are the product of Jesse's legacy.

Our menu is filled with items made from scratch, not just our pizza. Our pizza sauce is a secret recipe, but we are willing to reveal to you, our customers, the one secret ingredient that makes our sauce so good... time. We chop, we mix, we stir... for hours. This is no canned pizza sauce like you will get with almost every other pizza out there. This pizza is the real thing.

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