J'Adore Les Fleurs

4005 W Reno Ave, Ste G
Las Vegas, NV 89118

It all started at an ordinary family-owned corner flower shop named “Sunshine Flowers” in a small Glendale shopping plaza. However, the family knew that they wanted to do more with their business than to sell flowers; they wanted to revolutionize the flower-giving culture, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to every bouquet and arrangement that came out of their shop. This is when the family began implementing unique and original arrangement methods whenever given the chance.

It wasn’t until a 2013 family vacation in Paris that all of their dreamy visions were put into perspective. Experiencing the sophistication and elegance behind France’s chic culture and language, the family instantly found the inspiration behind what soon became an innovative birthing to luxury flower culture.

Upon the family’s return from Paris, Sunshine Flowers designed and launched its first collection of boxed arrangements, calling it “J’adore Les Fleurs” meaning “I love flowers” in French. The collection was inspired by the vivid concept of Victorian Era hat boxes and the delicacy of French fashion and design. Just two years after launching this collection, the family was ready to transform their vision into a brand- a way of thinking- a way of giving.

After perfecting their original experiments, the family launched a new store in Studio City, Calif., successfully establishing the J’Adore Les Fleurs brand in 2015. Within two years, the company expanded its operations into 3 brick-and-mortar stores, offering fresh flowers and hand delivery within the greater Los Angeles area.

JLF became the first of its kind specialty flower boutique in the United States to create fresh flower arrangements in hat boxes and has since enjoyed the admiration of flower-lovers around the world.

Since JLF’s initial launch of hat box arrangements, the idea has been mimicked and replicated in flower boutiques and shops worldwide. But for JLF, it was more than just selling flowers in a box or bouquet —it was about surrendering to creativity and passion, to curate blossoming masterpieces that will linger in one’s memories for times to come.

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