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Why electrolysis? Problematic facial hair can cause pain, itching, inflammation and discoloration. Hair growth on other parts of the body can aggravate existing skin conditions. If you are suffering from any of those conditions then electrolysis might be the answer for you. Electrolysis is the only way to permanently remove unwanted hair. Laser treatments only work on certain hair types. Waxing and shaving are temporary solutions that can aggravate the problem. Learn more about what permanent hair removal solutions will work for you. Each of our three operators has a minimum of 25 years of experience to best serve you. Since 1980, we have helped thousands of people like you all over Nevada and California discover the joy of living without unwanted hair. Now you can too! Call Electrolysis Center of Las Vegas for your free consultation. Appointments are available days, evenings and Saturdays for your convenience.

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