Downtown Cocktail Room

111 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89101

The Downtown Cocktail Room is the perfect combination of authenticity and ingenuity, two things you don't always see so close to Fremont Street. Established long before the Downtown resurgence, "DCR" was designed as a word-of-mouth destination with a trick door originally meant to keep the average drunk from stumbling in. The mixology team is always on its toes, revamping the drink lineup with every season. Hundreds of original cocktails have been represented across more than 50 menus over the years. If that wasn't enough, the back room was recently transformed into another bar entirely: Mike Morey's Sip'nTip with its own menu, vibe, and separate entrance from the alley. Think of it as a speakeasy within a speakeasy.

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